Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Valentine's Valentine


Valentine’s Day 1856, Somewhere in Virginia, was in the days before the Civil War, which is always an important historical fact here in The South. But, this time Valentine’s Day 1856 is all that is in the thoughts of Mr. and Mrs. James Gibbs of Virginia as they celebrate their young love with the impending birth of their daughter, Cornelia, who would one day be the Valentine of all Valentine’s for one young man’s heart.

Would they have known that in less than two weeks, on March 4, 1856, a baby girl would change the world of someone forever? Would they have known that little Cornelia would be the most beautiful of babies born in Virginia? Probably... Would they have known that she would steal their hearts and be the joy of their lives? It wouldn’t take long! Would they know that every beau would come from all over just for the chance to court her? I’ll bet they found out!


Miss Cornelia Gibbs came to Arkansas as a young girl and it was here in Hot Springs, Arkansas where she met a young man from South Arkansas named Robert Davies...Mr. Davies is the man whose heart she stole at first glance. Hot Springs, Arkansas was a beautiful, bustling young town in the mid to late 1800’s. Hot Springs was at a time, during the Civil war, the Capital of the State of Arkansas. The hot waters cascading down the mountain in the heart of the town was a sight that people would come by the train loads to see. Whittington Park was where young lovers would gather to court each other. It was here at Whittington Park where a young Cornelia and Mr. Robert Davies fell in love and soon married...Life was very good for the young couple.


While Cornelia stayed at home raising their children and enjoying the life of young love...Robert was enjoying being a young attorney in a bustling new town closing in on a new century. The War hadn’t scared Hot Springs like it had other Southern cities, that is one of the reasons that Mr. Davies and his family had taken refuge here at the start of the war.

Cornelia was a joy filled mother and wife, her family was her heart and her heart was her family.. Five beautiful children would fill her days and entertaining her husband and his business associates would fill many a night...Cornelia was really and truly loved by all who ever met her. She was awaited at her church socials for her hospitality and just the plain ole fact she loved God and instilled that same love in her family. All of this is why the weeks leading up to July 2, 1884 were so terribly painful. Cornelia had just given birth to her sixth child when a fever developed and she took ill…The doctor stayed close and friends and family drew near. Everyone tried the best that they could to take care of her, nothing seemed to help...she grew weaker. Her dear husband, the love of her life, never left her side...Cornelia died that summer day...Life stood still.
Her monument says more than I ever could…Death Came over Her Dear Form like an Untimely Frost, Upon the Sweetest Fairest Flower of the Field….
   Oh, to be loved this much....                                                      

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