Monday, May 4, 2009

The Graveyard Rabbit: Grab A Badge!

The Graveyard Rabbit: Grab A Badge!: ""

First blog

Well, here goes everything in a great direction! I have never written or blogged anything in my life, even though almost everyone I have have ever met has told me "you really need to write a book". But, where to start? Blame it on Face book, my love of cemeteries and fascination with funerals.

Some how I was dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century of the Internet. I had a web page in 1992 which was really early in the whole www thing. Face book, on the other hand was just something that i just did not want to be involved with..Thought it was too ..something? Thought that if i wanted to keep up with friends from my life, either they would take the time to call me or I would call them. Every now and then i would take a peek at face book to see what was what...nothing..then Cheri Blossom invited me to be her face book friend...What could it hurt? Then others wanted to be on my face book or the other way around and soon i was peeking in more often. Then it happened, Kristen Kaufman of Dallas and actually the whole world posted that she had just seen a play in Dallas called The Cemetery Club...I just had to google that and Whola, my blog has begun!

I really don't know the whole etiquette thing but, will learn REAL FAST! From the Cemetery Club site I found The Association Of Graveyard Rabbits, It had Ruth Burks written all over it,and to be a member I had to have a URL and a blog.. so please bare with me, support me and sweetly critique me ( i am a Pisces and will crawl a mile on molten glass to get my feeling as I try to tell the stories of those who have lived, loved, been loved and will never be forgotten. That is what Funerals and Cemeteries are all about and that is what I know and love the most. I want to hear about your experiences with death and funerals and cemeteries and the whole death experiences. Maybe we can learn not to fear death, maybe understand the
un understandable and have a laugh or many because there are many truly strange, funny, touching, misunderstood and poignant events that happen on the way to the grave!

I have had a lifetime of experience in death, funerals and cemeteries, including my pioneering work with the First Wave of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the 1980's to the sudden and last minute planning of the funeral for the mother of a sitting President of the United States of America.

So, here is hoping that I am on the right journey, don't embarrass anyone, especially myself and can help to pull back the mourning veil that is called death.

I have no idea on how to build a website so any suggestions will help and now I have my URL and first blog to be accepted into the The Association Of Graveyard Rabbits! Keep checking back to see where it takes all of us and buckle your seat belts it is going to be a memorable ride!

Frank Poff, Matt Friedman, Chuck Dodson (not in any order) Love ya and away we go!

Blessings to all,