Saturday, April 9, 2011

I Need Your Help For A Friend!

I received a desparate email today from a friend on Face Book. I will post the letter and maybe you can help him. Here is the letter he lives in Perry County Ohio:

i have some bronze WW2 markers from my grandfathers private grave(the family lost the farm and a lawyer bought it).. i was wondering what could be done about the property owner destroying the gravestones and markers of the grave, and he also stole a few markers and possibly a bronze vase that is missing. i have contacted the VA at every level. contacted my district congressmen and senator, and left about 3 messages with the attorney generals veteran affairs. the only offices that have even gave me the time of day is my local VA and local congressmen. and they researched the federal law and said there is no law against destroying the bronze markers on veterans graves.. i am dissapointed in the whole justice system at every level and about to just go to the local media with my mangled and broken markers and have their camera crew go out to the graves and shoot a news report. do you know of any other actions that could be taken other then contacting my township trustees?!